Crystal Natural Sun Finished Sea Salt Sodium Chloride

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Place of Origin: SHANDONG,CHINA
Brand Name: AC
Certification: ISO
Model Number: Sodium chloride for cosmetics
Minimum Order Quantity: 25tons
Price: 100usd
Packaging Details: 25kgs/bag,50kgs/bag,1000kgs/bag
Delivery Time: 10 days
Payment Terms: T/T, Western Union, MoneyGram
Supply Ability: 2000tons/weekly
Detail Information
Usage: Hot Compress Physiotherapy, Add Cosmetics Industry, Bath, Foot Bath Cas: 7647-14-5
Purity: 98% Standard: GB/T5461
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98% sea salt sodium chloride

Product Description

Product description


Sodium chloride

Chemical name in Chinese: sodium chloride

English name: Sodium Chloride, Salt

Chemical formula: NaCl

Type of compound: Salt

Relative molecular mass: 58.443 (take 58.5 in chemical calculation)

Crystal type: Ionic crystal

Physical properties: Density 2.165g/cm3 (25°C). Melting point 800.7℃. Boiling point is 1465℃.

Source: Introduced into salt field from sea water (with an average of 2.4% sodium chloride), dried in the sun, concentrated and crystallized to obtain a crude product. The crude salt contains impurities (MaCl2 and CaCl2) and is more likely to deliquesce in the air. The seawater can also be heated by steam, filtered by a sand filter, and concentrated by ion exchange membrane electrodialysis to obtain brine (containing 160-180g/L of sodium chloride). The halide gypsum is precipitated by evaporation and centrifuged to obtain the prepared chlorine Sodium 95% or more (moisture 2%) can be dried.

Rock salt and salt lake brine can also be used as raw materials and dried in the sun to obtain raw salt. When underground brine and well salt are used as raw materials, they are prepared by three-effect or four-effect evaporation and concentration, precipitation of crystals, and centrifugal separation.




1. Uses in life


The salt used in our lives is not just a condiment. Table salt can make porcelain more "sturdy";

It can remove rust; it has a strong sterilization effect; it can remove stubborn stains on some furniture.


2. The use of salt in medicine and health


A certain concentration of saline can care for the throat and antitussive; prevent tooth decay, hemostasis, clear stomach fire; anti-offset and anti-dandruff, anti-eczema, anti-eczema, treatment of burns; skin cleansing and whitening, degreasing beauty; decontamination, detoxification, decontamination Detoxification, eliminate shoulder pain and prevent cramps.


3. The use of salt in industry


It is widely used in soap manufacturing, ceramics, glass production, daily chemicals, petroleum drilling, drilling fluids, completion fluids, petrochemical dehydration fluids, early strength agents in the construction industry, coagulants for the production of coatings, latex coagulants in the rubber industry, and papermaking Industrial additives and waste paper deinking, inorganic chemical raw materials and sulfate removal agents in the chemical industry, sodium alginate coagulant, prevention of wheat, apple, cabbage and other rot and food preservatives, preparation of sodium metal and other sodium compounds , Steel heat treatment medium, etc. In water treatment, highway snow removal, refrigeration and refrigeration, salt also has a wide range of uses.


4. The use of salt in agriculture and animal husbandry


Salt must be added to livestock and poultry feed; many marine animals in zoos must also be fed with salt; salt water can be selected; in southern China, salt can also be used as fertilizer.


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