NH3 Industrial Liquid Ammonia For Metal Replacement Protective Shell

Basic Information
Place of Origin: China (Mainland)
Certification: ISO 9001/IAF/CANS
Model Number: Natural refrigerants R717 ammonia
Minimum Order Quantity: 5 ton
Price: Negotiation
Packaging Details: 40Ltr Cyl/100Ltr Cyl/400Ltr Cyl/800Ltr Cyl /24CBM ISO tanks(Provide refilling service)
Delivery Time: 15-20 days
Payment Terms: L/C, D/A, D/P, T/T, Western Union, MoneyGram
Supply Ability: 3000 Tons per Month
Detail Information
Classification: Cooling Ammonia CAS No.: 7664-41-7
7664-41-7: NH3 Grade Standard: Refrigerant Grade
Purity: 99.98% Application: Refrigeration Plant
Color: Colorless And Transparent HS Code: 2814100000
UN No.: 1005 KPa: 506.62(4.7℃)
Boiling Point: -33.5 Melting Point: -77.7℃
High Light:



99.98% Industrial Liquid Ammonia

Product Description

Liquid ammonia for metal replacement protective shell, industrial liquid ammonia


1. Introduction of Ammonia in Metal replacement


Improve the adhesion of the metal surface;

Improve the corrosion resistance of metal surfaces;

Improve the hardness and wear characteristics of metals.

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2. Advantages of R717 Refrigeration System Ammonia


1> Energy efficiency - Typically a flooded ammonia system would be 15-20 % more efficient than a DX R404A counterpart.


2> Environment - it has both GWP (Global Warming Potential) and ODP (Ozone Depletion Potential) equal to zero

3> Safety - At the same time, unlike most other refrigerants, it has a characteristic odor that can be detected by humans even at very low concentrations.

4> Smaller pipe sizes - In both vapor and liquid phase ammonia requires smaller pipe diameters than most chemical refrigerants.


5> Better heat transfer - Ammonia has better heat transfer properties than most of the chemical refrigerants and therefore allow for the use of equipment with a smaller heat transfer area.

6> Refrigerant price - In many countries the cost of ammonia (per kg) is considerably lower than the cost of HFCs. This advantage is even multiplied by the fact that ammonia has a lower density in the liquid phase. Furthermore as any leakage of ammonia will be detected very quickly due to the odour, hence any potential loss of refrigerant will also be lower.

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3. Applications for Refrigeration System Ammonia


Since refrigerant grade ammonia has many advantages and characteristics. Natural refrigerants R717 ammonia is generally applicable to large and medium-sized refrigeration, industrial refrigeration, ice making, artificial ice and indirect central air conditioning. The fluorine refrigeration system is generally applicable to refrigerators, freezers, display cabinets, household air conditioners, commercial air conditioners, small and medium-sized cold storage and refrigeration, low-temperature air conditioning in factories, air conditioning, ice cream, cold drinks, ice, artificial ice fields, and small industrial refrigeration.
4. Toxicity and flammability


Refrigeration System Ammonia has a strong toxicity and flammability. If the volume meter, when the content of ammonia in the air reaches 0.5% ~ 0.6%, in which people stay for half an hour can be poisoning, 11% ~ 13% can ignite, reaches 16% flame would explode. Therefore, the ammonia refrigeration machine room must pay attention to ventilation and exhaust, and the air and other non-condensable gases in the system must be eliminated frequently.


5. Quality control (impurity gas and heavy metals)


Water vapor is the most important impurities in ammonia refrigeration system. It not only corrodes the refrigeration system but also changes the vapor pressure of the refrigeration system, making the refrigeration system less efficient. Other impurities such as oil, hydrocarbons, H20, 02, Ar, N2, H2, CO and CO2 will also affect the refrigeration system.


Our factory to produce Refrigeration System Ammonia introduced advanced EGPS Ammonia purification system. It will mainly pressurized ammonia into activated carbon filter, the main impurity removing oil and organic gases, then into the solid particles in the dust filter to remove ammonia, and then into the electric heating carburetor to ensure the operation of the system with constant pressure, then into the low boiling point in the ammonia distillation tower to remove ammonia gas, then through the relief into the oxygen in the dryer to remove ammonia trace water, finally enter the buffer tank storage for users.


Test Items(Impurity Gas )


Analysis Result





































Heavy Metals Content/10-6 (Mass fraction)

Sb< 0.005

Ga< 0.001

Mo< 0.001

Zn< 0.005

Cd< 0.001

Tu< 0.005

Ni< 0.001


Ca< 0.01

Pb< 0.001

K< 0.005


Cr < 0.001

Li< 0.001

Si< 0.01


Co< 0.001

Mg< 0.001

Na< 0.005


Cu< 0.005

Mn< 0.001

Sn< 0.001



6. Licensee and Certification

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7. Our Important Partners

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8. Packaging & Delivery

Product Package


Package Type

Contents NW (Kg)

Valve Type

Shipment Detail

Shipment Detail

ISO T50 tanks

12.0 M/TS

Tanks Valve

ISO tanks 12.0tons

ISO tanks 12.0tons


400 Kg





200 Kg





50 Kg




40Ltr Cylinders

20 Kg


20FCL /-/-

40FCL /-/-


Delivery time 15-20 days after deposit received.


9. FAQ


1> Are you a manufacturer or a trading company?


Yes, We have engaged in R717 Refrigerant Grade Ammonia and ammonia water/solutions for 20 years.


2> Why you choose us?


Professional Working Team with very good safety control for 20 years WITHOUT any accident! Rich experience in hazard chemical exporting ; Strict quality control system (ISO 9001 Certificate); Steel bottle test can be made by our own factory; SGS and CIQ test are accepted; Full Qualification certificates (Only a few companies can get all qualification in China); We can provide R717 Refrigerant Grade Ammonia, Ammonia water of Industrial grade, Reagent grade and Food grade of 5%~35%. Abundant Supply, 30000 MT / Month.

3> Why choose our Refrigeration System Ammonia ?


Ammonia has a certain degree of harm to the human body, but we cannot ignore its great effect. First of all, let's understand the nature of high-purity ammonia in detail. High-purity ammonia is a colorless, toxic, alkaline, and highly corrosive combustible gas with a pungent odor. The high concentration is irritating to eyes, skin and mucous membranes. The density of ammonia gas is lower than that of air, and its density under standard conditions is 0.7081g/L. Ammonia is very soluble in water. At room temperature and pressure, 700 volumes of ammonia can be dissolved in one volume of water. The saturated vapor pressure of liquid ammonia at 21.1°C is 7.78 kgf/cm2. It is filled with 40L steel cylinder, 43LDOT steel cylinder Y tank or tank truck. High-purity ammonia is mainly used in the field of new optoelectronic materials and is an important basic material for the preparation of GAN by MOCVD technology. The production of high-sensitivity blue light emitting diodes and blue lasers by GAN, as well as other related electronic devices, is an industry that is seized at home and abroad. High-purity ammonia is also the basic material for preparing nitrogen trifluoride, silicon nitride, and the raw material gas for producing super high-grade nitrogen. In addition, liquid ammonia is widely used in the semiconductor industry, metallurgical industry, and other industries and scientific research that require a protective atmosphere.


4> What are the Advantages of Refrigeration System Ammonia​717?


1> Zero ozone depletion potential

2> Zero global warming potential

3> Excellent thermodynamic properties leading to a high energy efficiency

4> Wide range of operating temperatures (–50 to +15°C)

5> Low cost than others

6> More than 100 years track record of providing efficient refrigeration


5> What are the effect of purity and water vapor on the cooling system?


Water present in Ammonia systems creates a number of problems, including internal system corrosion and creation of sludge that can cause blockages in the systems. The presence of moisture impacts the vapor pressure of the system. This combined with corrosion and sludge, substantially impacts the efficiency of your system – with a notable deterioration even at levels of just 0.5%.


Other impurities such as O2, N2, and hydrocarbons will have a similar impact, increasing the risk of corrosion, stress corrosion cracking and system performance drops.


6> Can you accept OEM order and other services?


Yes, we can. OEM orders are available.Provide filling service, cylinder packaging water pressure testing and cleaning services.


7> What payment term can you accept?


Usually, we accept 30% T/T deposit, 70% T/T before shopping. Or 50% T/T deposit, 50% T/T against B/L copy. Usually, we could not accept L/C, but if you have special cases, we can negotiate.

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