NH4OH Ammonium Hydroxide In Fish For Sterilization Prevent Disease

Basic Information
Place of Origin: China (Mainland)
Certification: ISO 9001/IAF/CANS/CCS Package CERT/SGS
Model Number: Ammonia Water Solution
Minimum Order Quantity: 5 ton
Price: Negotiation
Packaging Details: 25 Ltr Jerry Can/30 Ltr Jerry Can/220 Ltr HDEP Drum/ 1000 Ltr IBC Drum/24CBM ISO tanks
Delivery Time: 15-20 Days
Payment Terms: T/T, Western Union
Supply Ability: 30,000 Tons per month
Detail Information
Grade Standard: Industrial Grade/Reagent Grade/Food Grade/Medicine Grade Melting Point: -77℃
MF: NH4OH Other Names: Ammonium Hydroxide Solution
Stable: Stable. Incompatible With Copper, Copper Alloys, Acids, Galvanised Iron, Zinc, Aluminium, Bronze, Dimethyl Sulphate, Mercury, Alkali Metals. Melting Degree: 36°C
HS: 28142000 Packaging: 1000L Drum And 220L Drum
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NH4OH Ammonium Hydroxide


1000L Ammonium Hydroxide

Product Description

Good Quality Ammonia Water in Fish Farming for Sterilization and Prevent Disease,Ammonium Hydroxide in Fish

1. Introduction

Ammonium Hydroxide is also called the Ammonia Solution Water/ammonia solutions, the main ingredient of NH4OH, the aqueous solution of ammonia, colorless, transparent and irritating smell. 36 ℃ ammonia - 77 ℃, melting point, boiling point, the density of 0.91 g/cm after.



2.Application of Ammonia Water in Fish Farming Production


Cleaning the pond with ammonia water can reduce the occurrence of fish diseases, and the disease prevention effect is better. At the same time, the use of ammonia to clear the pond can also play a role in fertilization, so as to achieve the purpose of increasing fish production.


As a quick-acting liquid nitrogen fertilizer, ammonia water is suitable for top dressing. The results of the test showed that the production of silver carp and bighead carp by about 0.8 kg could be increased for every additional kilogram of ammonia. If ammonia is applied once every 10 days from April to November, 5 kg per mu each time, the yield per mu can be increased by 90 to 120 kg.


There are two main methods for preventing and controlling pond fish diseases with ammonia:
1. Add 20 kg of 0.3% ammonia water per kg of rhubarb to soak for 12 hours, and then sprinkle the whole pond with water and residue to prevent and treat grass carp hemorrhagic disease, bacterial gill rot and white mouth disease.
2. According to the characteristics of weak interspecies competitiveness of Sanmao Chrysosporium and high transparency of the pool water, ammonia water and fertilizer are regularly applied to the pool to inhibit its reproduction.


3. Hazard overview

Ammonia is soluble in water and ethanol. Volatile, partly alkaline, ammonia water is made from ammonia to water. Ammonia gas is poisonous, the eye, nose, the skin is irritating and corrosive, can make a person suffocate, the highest allowable concentration in the air is 30mg/m cubed.

4. Quality control


The requirement of ammonia for raw materials is very high in the manufacturing process of Ammonia Water Solution. Our factory produces high purity ammonia water using reverse osmosis + ion exchange of pure water, ammonia gas is processed by EDTA solution and oil absorbents, and then into the Ammonia Water Solution system.
Our company has the most advanced RO water purification system in China.The tap water reaches the level of distilled water after the RO system.The leading processing system ensures that my product meets all grades of standards

Reagent Grade Ammonia Water Solution​


Items Standard Test Result Remarks
(NH3)Assay,% ≥25.00% 25.10% Pass
Appearance Colorless liquid Colorless liquid Pass
Evaporation residue,% ≤ 20ppm ≤ 15ppm Pass
(Cl)Chloride,% ≤ 5ppm ≤ 5ppm Pass
(S)Sulfide,% ≤ 2ppm ≤ 2ppm Pass
(SO4)Sulfate,% ≤ 2ppm ≤ 2ppm Pass
(PO4)Phosphate,% ≤ 2ppm ≤ 2ppm Pass
(CO2)Carbonate,% ≤ 2ppm ≤ 2ppm Pass
Hg)Mercurous ≤1ppb ≤1ppb Pass
(Al)Aluminum ≤1ppb ≤1ppb Pass
(Ba)Barium ≤1ppb ≤1ppb Pass
(B)Boron ≤5ppb ≤5ppb Pass
(Cd)Cadmium ≤1ppb ≤1ppb Pass
(Ca)Calcium ≤1ppb ≤1ppb Pass
(Cr)Chromium ≤1ppb ≤1ppb Pass
(Co)Cobalt ≤1ppb ≤1ppb Pass
(Cu)Copper ≤1ppb ≤1ppb Pass
(FeIron ≤5ppb ≤5ppb Pass
(PbLead ≤1ppb ≤1ppb Pass
(Li)Lithium ≤1ppb ≤1ppb Pass
(Mg)Magnesium ≤1ppb ≤1ppb Pass
(Mn)Manganese ≤1ppb ≤1ppb Pass
(Mo)Molybdenum ≤1ppb ≤1ppb Pass
(K)Potassium ≤5ppb ≤5ppb Pass
(Si)Silicon ≤5ppb ≤5ppb Pass
(Na)Sodium ≤1ppb ≤1ppb Pass
(Sr)Strontium ≤1ppb ≤1ppb Pass
(Sn)Tin ≤1ppb ≤1ppb Pass
(Ti)Titanium ≤1ppb ≤1ppb Pass
(V)Vanadium ≤1ppb ≤1ppb Pass
(Zn)Zinc ≤1ppb ≤1ppb Pass
(Zr)Zirconium ≤1ppb ≤1ppb Pass



5. Licensee and Certification


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So many famous companys are ueing our Ammonium Hydroxide


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7. Packaging & Delivery

Product Package


Package Type

Contents NW (Kg)

Package Cert

Package with pallets

Package without pallet

ISO T75 tanks

21.6 M/TS

CCS Tank Cert

ISO tanks 21.6tons

ISO tanks 21.6tons

25 Ltr Jerry Can

20 Kg




30 Ltr Jerry Can

25 Kg




220Ltr HDEP Drum

200 Kg




1000 Ltr IBC Drum

900 Kg





Delivery time 15-20 days after deposit received.



8. FAQ


1. Why chose us?

We have engaged in liquid ammonia and ammonia water for 20 years and OEM Service.
We are the most professional manufacturer of Ammonia Water Solution in China and have the most advanced manufacturing technology in China. Long-term cooperation with China's largest intermediate bulk container company to ensure product packaging meets the requirements of Ammonia Water Solution.

2. What is the usage of Ammonia Water Solution?

Strong oxidation is widely used in Household cleaner, Alkylamine, Furniture darkening, Food production, Tobacco processing, Fishless cycling, Treatment of straw for cattle and Laboratory use.
. What payment term can you accept?

Usually, we accept 30% T/T deposit, 70% T/T before shopping. Or 50% T/T deposit, 50% T/T against B/L copy. Usually, we could not accept L/C, but if you have special cases, we can negotiate.

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