Refined Edible Granular Salt 1.5mm Food Grade Chemicals

Basic Information
Place of Origin: china
Brand Name: Everlast
Certification: iso
Model Number: salt
Minimum Order Quantity: 25tons
Price: 100usd
Packaging Details: 25kgs/bag,50kgs/bag,1000kgs/bag
Delivery Time: 10 days
Payment Terms: T/T, Western Union, MoneyGram
Supply Ability: 2000tons/weekly
Detail Information
Standard: GB5461 Mainly Material: Sodium Chloride
Usage: Pickling, MSG, MSG, Making Bath Salt Purity: 99%
Type: 4-30 Mesh Other Name: Natural Sea Crystal Salt
High Light:

GB5461 sodium chloride salt


99% Natural sea crystal salt

Product Description

"Bath salt" has become the best product for skin care, because of its natural ingredients, light fragrance, charming colors, extraordinary effects... Become the new favorite of beautiful skin care.


Since ancient times, salt bath salt has been used as a representative item of cleansing, whether it is used as a kind of sacrifice to the gods, or sprinkled on the four corners of the venue before the sumo begins, and sprinkled with salt after the funeral returns. From the habits on my shoulders, I can see that "salt" has the effect of cleaning everything.


Before the scientists prove it, let’s take a look at some examples that everyone has experienced, such as the use of salt for long-term preservation of food. I believe everyone knows that the preservation of pickles, dried prunes and dried fish meat requires the use of large amounts of salt. There are also examples of salt used as medicine. In the past, people used to drink saline when they had a sore throat or ulcers. We recommend that people with respiratory problems go to the seaside for treatment, because patients can breathe for a long time to the small table salt mixed with sea water. Particles and the like are familiar methods. Doctors will inject normal saline to save a lot of bleeding. Patients who are dying can also be given saline for those with hemoptysis. Unfortunately, those who have accidentally consumed poison can make them drink saline to induce vomiting and gastric lavage. Saline can also be used to cleanse the nose and treat mild nasal empyema. All kinds of things, the help of sea salt to the body is endless, why can sea salt produce such effects on many parts and symptoms of the human body? In a nutshell, the human body has the same ingredients as seawater, so the salt made from ancient seawater has great benefits for the body. On the contrary, refined salt cannot produce any effect. So how was the beauty function of salt discovered? Maybe we should let the memory go back to ancient Europe. In Andersen's fairy tales, the mermaid with pure emotions was nourished by the sea water, and it was very impressive. A long time ago, European sailors, because of long-term exposure to sunlight, their skin is prone to cracking and aging, but due to the cleaning and healing effects of sea salt, their skin can still maintain their best condition, and this is also the contribution of seawater. It is the cleansing and healing effect of sea salt that caused the sailors' skin to be restored after being damaged in time. Inspired by this, the Greeks refined the salt from the deep sea into bath salt for skin care. Perhaps this is the distant revelation that the mermaid wants to deliver! The beautiful bath salt in the beauty industry has interpreted various bathing cultures. The bath salt with the mineral ingredients of the hot spring, the bath salt with the aromatherapy essential oils, the bath salt with the plant particles... The salty and fragrant, colorful bath salt whirlwind It has been scraped all over the world.


In many countries, people have become accustomed to using deep-sea bath salt to wash their face and feet, which can promote metabolism, deep cleanse the skin, anti-inflammatory, sterilize, quickly heal small wounds, remove excess oil and cuticles, repair uneven skin, converge thick Pores... Long-term use, the skin is smooth and delicate.



Control grease in T zone


Oily skin in summer is a big worry. For the T-shaped part with strong oil secretion, you can use fine salt on the top, gently massage for 3 minutes, and then apply a squeeze massage from the bottom of the middle finger to the open part of the pores on both sides of the nose.


Remove acne marks


The marks left by pimples are annoying. Take some salt and massage it three times with spirals on the traces or bumps, then apply enough salt to the area that needs to be "solved" and wash it off after five or six minutes. Be careful not to massage growing acne.


Remove skin dark spots


Wet the salt on the face with water and massage for 1 minute. The intensity is the same as when washing the face. Draw a big circle from the bottom to the top of the cheeks with the nose as the center. Then use your fingertips to rub in the dark spots.


Prevents dandruff


Put a tablespoon of salt in a small jar for travel, then add half a jar of water and shake vigorously. After washing your hair, pour the salt water on your head, massage with your fingertips, and finally rinse off and apply the conditioner.


Dispel underarm odor


Salt has a bactericidal and anti-inflammatory effect. Spread salt directly under the arm when taking a bath. On weekdays, use cotton pads dipped in salt water slightly lighter than sea water to carry with you, and use it to wash sweat at any time. Rub a large amount of coarse salt on the toes, between the toes and the soles of the feet, and rub it 5 to 6 times with your hands, then rest for a few minutes to remove the odor.


Care for back acne


Allow the body to warm up after bathing. After opening the pores, apply more salt to the back and apply to all corners. Massage with a bath brush for 1 minute, not too hard, as long as the salt between the skin and the brush is moved, then dip the sponge with light saline, stick it on the back for 10 minutes, and rinse with clean water.


Bath salts are mostly composed of herbs, natural sea salt, minerals, and plant essential oils. They are rich in various trace elements such as iron, calcium, selenium, and magnesium required by the human body. Long-term use of bath salts can eliminate melanin on the skin and make the skin Gradually restores whiteness, tenderness and elasticity, and also has a positive effect on removing facial acne, acne and stains. So in winter, people often add bath salt when taking a bath. So how effective is the bath salt?


The role of bath salt is to use the permeability of salt to penetrate into the skin, promote blood circulation, promote metabolism, bring out excess water and fine substances, fat, etc. in the pores, play a role in weight loss and slimming, use the scrub of salt to clear the skin The keratin on the surface smoothly sheds dry and dead skin, delays skin aging, and acts as a toned skin.

In many countries, people have become accustomed to using deep-sea bath salt to wash their face and feet, the role of bath salt not only promotes metabolism, deep cleansing the skin, anti-inflammatory, sterilization, rapid healing of small wounds, but also removes excess oil and cuticles, repairs unevenness Long-term use of the epidermis and astringent pores will leave the skin smooth and delicate.





Take a small amount of bath salt and dissolve it in the basin to act as a facial cleanser, facial cleanser and other skin cleansing products, which is refreshing, clean and simple. People with oily skin can achieve skin cleansing, firming, and skin care without using toner after skin cleansing.




When steaming the sauna, put salt in a cloth bag and gently rub the skin to both replenish the salt lost in the body and cleanse the skin.


take a shower


Hanging the cloth bag filled with bath salt on the shower head can easily and quickly achieve the skin care effect; use a sponge to massage the whole body with a little salt, and then rinse it with water to achieve the same effect.


Beautiful foot


Soak your feet in hot water for 5 minutes, apply the bath salt to the thick skin areas, such as heels and soles, massage in circles for 5 minutes, then rinse with water, and then moisturize with body lotion.


Spread salt plastic body


The osmotic effect of salt can eliminate puffiness, promote fat movement, and has an unexpected effect in shaping the body curve. You only need to use salt supplemented with a corresponding massage to lose weight locally or whole body.


Slender legs: Raise the legs, apply enough salt, use both hands to fist, massage from the ankles to the knees, knees to the thighs, stop the massage after the entire foot becomes hot, do not wash off the salt, use plastic wrap from the ankles to The trick is to keep your feet up, and then use force when wrapping.


Shape the buttocks: Apply enough salt and massage from bottom to top along the buttocks to make the sagging buttocks upturn.


Eliminate belly fat: To soften the fat particles, apply salt to the abdomen, grab the fat with both hands, and massage clockwise. After about 10 minutes, wrap the abdomen with plastic wrap while inhaling, and open and rinse after 30 minutes.


Eliminate double chins: smear the right hand with sufficient salt, move from the middle of the chin to the right, move the left hand from the middle to the left, and exchange the left and right hands rhythmically, doing 50 times rhythmically, then wrap the chin with plastic wrap, and the strap helps fix it Once, rinse off after 10 minutes.

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