Ultra High Pure Liquid Ammonia Cylinder Packaging NH3 UN 1005 -33.5 Boiling Point

Basic Information
Place of Origin: China (Mainland)
Certification: ISO 9001/IAF/CANS
Model Number: Ultra High Pure Ammonia Cylinder Gas
Minimum Order Quantity: 5 ton
Price: Negotiation
Packaging Details: 40Ltr Cyl/100Ltr Cyl/400Ltr Cyl/800Ltr Cyl /24CBM ISO tanks(Provide refilling service)
Delivery Time: 15-20 days
Payment Terms: L/C, D/A, D/P, T/T, Western Union, MoneyGram
Supply Ability: 3000Tons/Month
Detail Information
Classification: Ammonia Cylinder Gas CAS No.: 7664-41-7
Color: Colorless And Transparent Boiling Point: -33.5
Melting Point: -77.7℃ Other Names: High Pure Ammonia Cylinder Gas
High Light:

liquor ammonia solution


nh3 solution

Product Description

Ultra High Pure Liquid Ammonia Cylinder Packaging NH3 UN 1005 -33.5 Boiling Point


1. Introduction


Ultra-high pure ammonia formula is the formula for ammonia, NH3, ultra-high pure ammonia is the main raw material for microelectronics nitride masking film, the reaction is: 750-850 ℃, NH3 - Si3N4 SiH4 + + H2 + N2, 850-900 ℃, NH3 - Si3N4 SiCl4 + + HCl + N2. Although the dosage of NH3 in semiconductor manufacturing is not big, but in the field of optoelectronics, super pure ammonia is an important raw material, quality stand or fall of NH3 directly determine the brightness of the light-emitting diode (LED), it about the price of the LED of the economy.



2. Advantages of Ultra High Pure Ammonia Cylinder  Gas


1> More energy saving

2> More environmentally friendly.
3> Improve the life of electronic components


3. Applications for Ultra High Pure Ammonia Cylinder  Gas


7N electronic grade ultra - pure ammonia is a very important new electronic material, and also an important base material for the MOCVD technology manufacturing equipment GaN. In manufacturing light-emitting diode (LED), flat panel display (FPD), semiconductor wafer process of silicon solar cells, need to use a lot of ultrapure ammonia, especially the LED chip in the growth, the higher the purity of ammonia, used in the preparation of blue LED power consumption is smaller, the greater the luminous intensity, long service life..

4. Toxicity and flammability

Ammonia has a strong toxicity and flammability. If the volume meter, when the content of ammonia in the air reaches 0.5% ~ 0.6%, in which people stay for half an hour can be poisoning, 11% ~ 13% can ignite, reaches 16% flame would explode. Therefore, the ammonia refrigeration machine room must pay attention to ventilation and exhaust, and the air and other non-condensable gases in the system must be eliminated frequently.
5. Quality control (impurity gas and heavy metals)

In the LED industry, GaN raise element in the production process on the quality of absolute role, so in the ammonia purification process control of the oxygen you is important, here including O2, CO, H2O, which due to O2, CO, CO2, boiling point and NH3 boiling point these substances vary widely, so it's easy to eliminate, by using the method of high precision distillation and purity is good. Ammonia and water have a strong affinity for water, so the removal of water in ammonia is more difficult, especially the removal of trace water. So my company through the optimization of purification technology at home and abroad, using physical and chemical properties of ammonia, the multi-step purification step by step, including gasification, condensation, adsorption, catalysis, distillation, terminal purification, freezing technology such as purification of ammonia, and the final moisture content can be controlled in 0.03 * 10-6, H2, O2, N2, CH4, CO, CO2 and the magazine controlled in the range of 0.01 * 10-6.


Test Items


Analysis Result



≥99.9999 >99.99999 Pass


<0.01 <0.010 Pass


<0.01 <0.010 Pass


<0.01 <0.010 Pass


<0.01 <0.010 Pass


<0.01 <0.010 Pass


<0.01 <0.010 Pass


<0.03 <0.030 Pass
Result Confirmed


 Heavy Metals Content/10-6 (Mass fraction)
(Sb) < 0.005 (Ga) < 0.001 (Mo) < 0.001 (Zn) < 0.005
(Cd) < 0.001 (Tu) < 0.005 (Ni) < 0.001  
(Ca) < 0.01 (Pb) < 0.001 (K) < 0.005  
(Cr) < 0.001 (Li) < 0.001 (Si) < 0.01  
(Co) < 0.001 (Mg) < 0.001 (Na) < 0.005  
(Cu) < 0.005 (Mn) < 0.001 (Sn) < 0.001  

6. Licensee and Certification

Ultra High Pure Liquid  Ammonia Cylinder Packaging NH3 UN 1005 -33.5 Boiling Point 0

7. Our Important Partners

Ultra High Pure Liquid  Ammonia Cylinder Packaging NH3 UN 1005 -33.5 Boiling Point 1

8. Packaging & Delivery

Product Package for R717 Refrigerant Grade Ammonia Cylinder gas


Package Type

Contents NW (Kg)

Valve Type

Shipment Detail

Shipment Detail

ISO T50 tanks

12.0 M/TS

Tanks Valve

ISO tanks 12.0tons

ISO tanks 12.0tons


400 Kg





200 Kg





50 Kg




40Ltr Cylinders

20 Kg


20FCL /-/-

40FCL /-/-


Delivery time 15-20 days after deposit received.


9. FAQ


1> Are you a manufacturer or a trading company?


Yes, We have engaged in R717 Refrigerant Grade Ammonia, UHP Ultra-High Pure Ammonia and ammonia water/solutions for 20 years.


2> Why you choose us?


Professional Working Team with very good safety control for 20 years WITHOUT any accident! Rich experience in hazard chemical exporting ; Strict quality control system (ISO 9001 Certificate); Steel bottle test can be made by our own factory; SGS and CIQ test are accepted; Full Qualification certificates (Only a few companies can get all qualification in China); We can provide R717 Refrigerant Grade Ammonia,UHP Ultra-High Pure Ammonia, Ammonia water of Industrial grade, Reagent grade and Food grade of 5%~35%. Abundant Supply, 30000 MT / Month.

3> Why choose our UHP Ultra High Pure Ammonia Cylinder  Gas?


Our company is China's most professional 7N UHP Ultra-High Pure Ammonia production line, realized the EP grade cleaning line and the VCR pipeline connection high airtight clean transfer line, integrated with the DCS distributed control system and PLC digital computing operations electronic systems, more online analysis, combined with man-machine interface, to ensure the production process control and quality inspection. Make the UHP Ultra-High Pure Ammonia meet the electronic standard completely and meet the requirements of customers to produce various electronic components.


4> What are the Advantages of Ultra High Pure Ammonia Cylinder  Gas?


1> More energy saving
2> More environmentally friendly.
3> Improve the life of electronic components


5> What are the effect of purity on the electronic components and electronics?


Ultra high purity ammonia (white ammonia as the trademark), its purity over 99.99996% (6.6), the purity of target 99.99999 + % (+ 7.0), in order to satisfy the semiconductor and such as 300 mm other growth markets such as semiconductor and flat panel display and purity of predictive value. It is mainly used in light-emitting diodes, lasers and laser diodes, photodiodes, high-power semiconductor transistors and new customers in integrated circuits. The high purity of ammonia can increase the luminescence intensity of the diode, reduce the cost of use, work longer, and save energy and efficiency.


6> Can you accept OEM order and other services?


Yes, we can. OEM orders are available.Provide filling service, cylinder packaging water pressure testing and cleaning services.


7> What payment term can you accept?


Usually, we accept 30% T/T deposit, 70% T/T before shopping. Or 50% T/T deposit, 50% T/T against B/L copy.


Usually, we could not accept L/C, but if you have special cases, we can negotiate.

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