Good Air 99.8 % Liquid Anhydrous Ammonia Gas UN 1005 For Rocket Missile Propellant

Basic Information
Place of Origin: China
Brand Name: Hengchang
Certification: ISO
Model Number: R717
Minimum Order Quantity: 5 ton
Price: Negotiation
Packaging Details: 800L and 400L Cylinders and 20GP ISOTank
Delivery Time: 15-20 working days
Payment Terms: L/C, T/T, Western Union, MoneyGram
Supply Ability: 2000 tons per month
Detail Information
Product Name: Refrigerannt Ammonia Nh3 Molar Mass: 17.031 G/mol
CAS: 7664-41-7 Density: 0.73 Kg/m³
Melting Point: -77.73 °C EINECS No.: 231-635-3
IUPAC ID: Azane Packaging: 100L 400L 800L
High Light:

liquid nh3


household ammonia solution

Product Description

Good Air 99.8 % Liquid Anhydrous Ammonia Gas UN 1005 for Rocket Missile Propellant


Properties of Ammonia


Ammonia naturally in humans and the environment, and the organic matter, such as animal waste decomposition of plant and animal.It is a part of the nitrogen cycle, and also through the process of bacteria in the soil production

Ammonia is a colorless gas at room temperature, stimulating odour.It with alkali and corrosion resistance, easy to absorb the moisture.It can easily be compressed, and pressure to form clear liquid.It is in the form of compressed liquid transportation.Ammonia non-flammable, but will go off at high temperatures.

The Function of Ammonia

Ammonia used in the manufacture of some dyes for cotton, wool and silk dyeing and refined.
Rubber industry USES ammonia to prevent from plant to plant in the process of transportation the stability of natural and synthetic latex, to prevent early coagulation.
The pulp and paper industry using ammonia to pulping, and in the paper coating as casein dispersant
As tanning liquid ammonia used in the leather industry as curing agent, the mucus and mildew preventive agent, as well as the protective agent of leather and fur storage.
Ammonia is used as refrigerant in compression and absorption system.Some characteristics of ammonia, such as high latent heat, low vapor density, chemical stability, low corrosion resistance of iron parts, promote its use in large industrial equipment.
The pharmaceutical industry using ammonia to make certain products, such as sulfa drugs, vitamins, and cosmetics.
Oil industry use ammonia to neutralize acid composition of crude oil, and to protect equipment from corrosion.
Nitriding steel surface hardening.


Why we needs Ammonia?


The pressure is very low when evaporated to produce the temperatures needed for refrigeration.

When condenses ,the pressures is relatively low .

Ammonia carries much more heat per pound than most other refrigerants, like around twice as efficient as HFC's in this respect.

It noncorrosive to metals such as steel, stainless steel, aluminum and bronze.

Ammonia has a pungent odor that is easily detected by the human nose (most people can smell it at around 5 parts per million), leaks are easily detected.

Ammonia is a completely natural occurring chemical, the human body actually produces several grams per day as a normal part of living.

It has a zero ozone depletion potential, and a zero global warming potential, totally benign to the environment.



Purity 99.8 % by weight minimum.
Water / Moisture 0.2 % by weight maximum
Oil 5 PPM.
Packaging Packed in 50 Kg capacity cylinders.
Weight Gross Weight : 122 ±2 kg
Tare weight of cylinder : 72 ±2 kg
Cylinder Dimensions Thickness : 6 mm.
Height with cap : 1250 mm
Outer Diameter : 368 mm
Water Capacity 100 lts.
Bottling Capacity 200 cylinder per day i.e 10 MT.




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